In case you missed the big announcement this year, Apple Homepod is coming to our homes soon.

Introducing Apple Homepod


What is it?

This is the rival to the Amazon Echo and Google Home which are smart speakers that are soon becoming commonplace in US households. It is an estimated that there would be about 450 million devices by end of 2017!

 Who will love it?

If you are a Siri fan, the Apple Homepod news will make you drool. Your beloved assistant is coming in a different form factor and will be at the centre of your Smart home. Hopefully in India soon!

 How much is it?

As expected, it’s at a premium i.e. costing $349 ~ Rs. 22,000 which is more expensive than the Amazon Echo Plus (the most expensive one) that is available in India at Rs. 15K

 When is it coming to India?

While the US, UK and Australia can start pre ordering it from 26th Jan (it goes on sale from 9th February), it is hard to say how much time it will take for it to hit the Indian market.

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