Tim Cook launches a plethora of Apple devices that make life easy, they are reason enough for you start looking for an Apple Town Square near you.

Apple logo in iPhone X theme

The newly launched iPhone devices

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The world was waiting with bated breath as the lights dimmed at the Steve Jobs Theater. The mood was rife with rumors and anticipation about what the next iPhone product is going to be, how many are being launched and the features that come with them. The moment of revelation finally arrived and Tim Cook announced the launch of three iPhones, two smartwatches and the Apple 4K television. While the rest of the world may have all sorts of plans, you can actually use the iPhone devices to make your home smarter and life simpler.

Tim cook launching Watch series 3

Smart new watches launched


One of the most alluring and highlighted features of the latest iPhone series is that you do not have to plug in to charge your phone. All you have to do is to leave your phone on the charging pod as you get home and get on with life. Wireless charging is revolutionary in making things easier around the house because that is what phones are for. While your phone rests on the charging pod, you do not have to compromise by missing out on important calls, your wrist helps you do all the talking. The iPhone watch series 3 is an excellent alternative for when you want to live life uninterrupted and still be able to stay connected with the world.

Air power charging launched

Charging pod for Apple devices


4K on Apple television is another major launch that is earning a lot of positive reviews. You can now have your favorite movies and TV shows streamed on your TV with an added advantage of the 4K clarity. Not only can you get better clarity but you can also create a gaming den for yourself at your house by connecting your iPhone to your 4K Apple TV. The new iPhone makes augmented reality even more exciting for you by allowing you to connect it with your television. Apart from all of these features the new iPhone series helps you live stream photos and videos to your TV, it wakes up when you are up and will recognize your face to unlock itself.

Apple 4K TV

Live streaming of shows on Apple 4K TV

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You can learn all about the features of the Apple series of newly launched devices here.

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