The Middle East gets a booster shot of home automation from Honeywell!

Smart phone with home automation app

Controlling home through automation

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Homes in Middle East are set to get smarter than before with Honeywell introducing home automation solutions in the region. The series of home automation solutions from the brand can help you have complete control over the way in which your home systems function. This is a huge leap for the villas and apartments in the Middle Eastern market as the solution is developed specifically for the region. At the touch of a button, you can manage the level of comfort around the house and also make sure that you are able to monitor security systems. The homes in Middle East are ready to get transformed into smart homes with the help of the home automation range of solutions from Honeywell.

One of the biggest USPs of the automation solution is that it is highly customizable and created to satisfy all kinds of decors and interior designs. The application is extremely simple to use and the interface can be customized for your comfort. The simplicity however, should not be interpreted as lack of features, the app is a power packed one and can help you in controlling everything around the house. Right from the temperature control of the house to operating the curtains and even keeping track of CCTV footage, you get it all within a single application. You  can keep a closer watch on your house as the solution helps you get 360° Panoramic images of your space right on your device. 

Technology takes centre stage when it comes to the home automation solutions and this is evident in its functioning.It has tried to keep in line with the growing demands for smarter homes by homeowners in the Middle East. Taking a tour of your house even as you are miles away is an efficient reality, made possible by Honeywell. Here, you can get a detailed view of all the features of the home automation solution.

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