1. Self-driving Drones: Self-driving drones that take you around the city are here. Volocopter and Intel are working closely to bring flying taxis that take you places. In fact, these are the same ones that are coming to Dubai. CES saw a display and demonstration of these drones. Watch the video below to know more.


2. Smart connected toilet Seats in the complete Smart washroom: Kohler announced Alexa (Amazon Echo) integration into its washroom fittings including the toilet seat! As ridiculous that its sounds, let’s not forget that we often thought ‘selfies’ are a fad. Seat warming, foot warmer, ambient lighting and music. All of this can be controlled by your voice. What’s more? You can just wave to flush! See for yourself


3. Aibo – the Sony AI dog is back and it’s way more cuter: It has multiple touch responsive areas – the back, the head and the front. The best part is that the eyes are actually small OLED screens that are expressive and bring out the cuteness. Check out the video to fall in love with this cuddly machine


4. Tetra – an easy to use and setup dishwasher: While most dishwashers are a pain to install with expert help required from a plumber. This one can sit on your kitchen top and just needs some water and detergent to be filled in to get started. What’s more? It can sanitise your baby bottles, cook up your lobster and not just wash your dishes.

tetra smart dishwasher

Image source


5. Roll-up TVs: Flexible OLEDs have been a repeat display of CES since a couple of years now. But this year it seems, they could go mainstream – with the world’s first 65 inch rollable TV by LG. It’s just so beautiful, we love it.

lg flexible oled tv

Image source


6. Point your camera to tomatoes and this app will ready your appliances to cook a related recipe: Whirlpool already has connected kitchen devices. Now, this ecosystem has integrated with the Yummly app. So every time you are looking to make something: just point your camera to the ingredients you have. Based on those ingredients the Yummlu app will recommend a recipe. Upon choosing the recipe, the app will beam the temperature and other settings to the wifi-enabled microwave or convection oven and ready them for your cooking convenience. Now, that’s really smart! Check out the video to see how this works…


7. Laundry folding robots: One more chore made redundant thanks to AI. So this company called “Seven Dreamers” revealed the first fully-automatic laundry folding robot. Laundroid. There is not much to tell, just watch the video below:

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