MI LED Smart TV 4 launching in India

Xiaomi is releasing MI LED Smart TV 4 in India on 22nd February, 2018

Buying a TV is one of the most crucial family decisions one has to take. Because of course, you are not going to replace it in a few months, but it stays with you for years. With all the smart tv options in the market right now, the Indian market is flooded with yet another release.

After proving to be the number one seller of smartphones in Indian market, Xiaomi is all set to launch the Xiaomi TV 4 in India.

About the TV

This one is a shocker. This is not an Android TV but it comes with a PatchWall designed User Interface. Xiaomi tried this new interface in which the users will be content driven rather than App driven. I am still not sure if this is a good news for us because we pretty much liked the android interface on the big screen.

To learn more about PatchWall click here.

How does it look

The answer is, it is very sleek and thin with a frameless display. Not that one buys a TV for it’s looks alone. Also, MI has as always excelled in sound quality. We know that the chinese version has a transparent stand, which gives the TV a floating look, but in India it gracefully rests on the graceful black aluminium alloy stand.

Please check the complete look here.

 What all do you really get out of this new release

Sadly the Xiaomi TV 4 does not come with Netflix or Amazon Prime video!! Are you kidding me? I mean I don’t know what to do with a smart TV(which I would buy for Rs 39,999) if I have to manually download and install netflix and other apps (I am not sure everyone in my family can even do that..duhh!!). But as per the news Xiaomi is promising a three months free subscription of Hungama and SonyLiv to all the buyers. I would say that Xiaomi is trying to customize this TV for the Indian market but please someone inform them we have moved on to the latest entertainment media as well. So this may be appealing to the masses but considering the low broadband internet penetration with the mass audiences in India, most of its buyers would be from urban areas of which a majority of the users would be keen to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I cannot recall when was the last time I was on Hungama play!! I am sure they have pretty good stuff from other providers but nowhere as compared to Netflix!

So, get ready to experience this amazing smart TV which will be available in India starting 22nd February, 2018. Also, if you are excited about this new release or planning to buy one as soon as it hits the market, please let us know your opinion in the comments below and help others in making a choice.

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