Smart homes to get an important security shield with the Kaspersky security solutions for devices that fuel IoT.

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A one stop solution for security of IoT devices for smart homes from Kaspersky Lab

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Protecting your smart home against cyber sleuths and hackers is set to get easier with the help of the IoT scanner released by Kaspersky Lab. While the scanner is being launched in the beta mode, it aims at making smart homes more secure for the users. While the use of IoT is on the rise among home owners, the fear of vulnerability is always high with hackers getting more equipped.

The scanner from Kaspersky Lab helps in ensuring that the risk is cut down and that the use of IoT around the house can be made truly convenient. Even though about 6 Billion devices for IoT are in active use around the world, a lot of them have faced threats and attacks from cyber criminals. The security scanner developed by Kaspersky Lab has become the need of the hour in times when smart homes are high in demand and the popularity ranking.

While the device scanner aims at helping the users of smart home devices, it also aims to grow and improve by way of user reviews and feedback. Since the scanner is being released in a beta version, Kaspersky Lab hopes to get real feedback from actual users.

Right from routers and printers to cameras and smart televisions, the scanner from Kaspersky Lab helps in monitoring and securing a wide range of devices and machines. Keeping in line with their expertise and experience in cyber security, Kaspersky Lab now seeks to provide the same unmatched security experience for users of smart homes. You can do your own home IoT security scan  by downloading the Android app here.

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