Wipro consumer care and lighting, the India based FMCG company has just entered the world of home automation with its system – Wipro Z Nxt. What caught our attention was the ability of a consumer to turn any home into a smart home, as the automation system doesn’t require a new electricity system. It can be installed in your existing switch boards and the facility of built in sensors can also alert you about gas leakage, fire, trespassing, etc – covering the security space as well. With Wipro Z Nxt, you can easily control a wide range of electronic appliances from lights and fans to gas connections, geysers, air conditioners, curtains, etc. They can be controlled via a mobile application or a mounted LED screen through voice control and touch inputs.

Wipro Z NXT’s mobile application to control your home

Wipro’s mobile application which can control switches and appliances in your home

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