On August 19, 2017, Chinese company, Xiaomi opened a Mi Home store in Delhi.

Xiaomi Mi Store in Delhi

Experience Xiaomi products at the Mi Home store before buying them

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One of the most prominent Chinese smartphone makers, Xiaomi, began its offline expansion in India by launching a new Mi Home store in Delhi NCR on Saturday, August 19. This store, located in Gurugram’s Ambience Mall, is  Xiaomi’s fourth overall, and is seen as a big step for the Chinese smartphone maker, as they are known to be an online-exclusive smartphone brand.

At Xiaomi’s Mi Home stores, potential customers interested in Xiaomi products can experience them before buying them. These Mi Home stores are designed to be large, open, and comfortable spaces where potential buyers can just hang out and try out Xiaomi products for however long they like before making a choice on whether they want to buy the device or not.

In order to avoid long queues at the new Mi Home store, the company has allowed ‘pre-bookings’ on mi.com/in, so that they can guarantee preferential treatment to those customers when they’re at the store. As it’s previous sales transaction being solely online, Xiaomi phones  (which are known for being value for money) were found to be out of stock many-a-time, and were also unavailable for customers to try them out before buying them— a problem the smartphone manufacturer could have now potentially solved.  

The current products available at Xiaomi’s latest Mi Home include smartphones, smart devices like air purifiers, headphones, power banks, and more. The company also has plans to launch approximately 100 Mi Home stores, said Manu Jain.

Being able to experience electronics for however long we want before actually buying sounds like an exciting prospect. It’s yet to be seen, however, if this strategy of Xiaomi will lead to increased sales or if it will just lead to overcrowded Mi Home stores. Let’s wait and watch.

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