Here are some of the best home automation devices that can be used in India.

Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue lights work well with Google Assistant to provide a convenient solution to control lights in your home. You can check if you have left any lights ‘On’ in your living room. Simply as – Hey Google, turn off the lights”. All the lights your room are turned off just with your voice command. You can even ask Google if the lights in any particular room are ‘On’. This helps you manage the electricity efficiently.  

Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs

Source – Tech Advisor

Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats

The smart thermostats are ideally suited for today’s smart homes. They are packed with all the smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, remote controlled access, voice control, etc. You can even change the screen background to match a mood, wall color, and theme. One can set it up easily with professional assistance.

Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat

Source – Honeywell

iHome speaker

iHome is very popular in the world of smart speakers. They work with Google Home allowing you to turn off the lights, control home sprinklers, check laundry cycle and do a lot more. The iHome control features a wide range of smart home accessories for 24/7 home monitoring, temperature, light, sound, laundry etc.  They also offer different smart plug models that allow you to control individuals as well as multiple plugs without opening your smartphone.

iHome bluetooth speaker

iHome Bluetooth speaker

Source – Best Buy

Vivint Home System

Vivint smart home system can be connected with the voice-activated speaker Google Home. You can link your smart home to Google Home mini, Google assistant and other voice-activated products of Google. With Google Home you can turn the lights on/off, control thermostat, lock your doors and much more. Experience Vivint home security systems that allow complete control of all the smart appliances at home.

Vivint Smart Home

Source – Mysmahome

Logitech Harmony

Want to control your TV with your voice? You can set up Google Home to work with your TV using Logitech Harmony Hub. This remote control even allows controlling connected lights, sensors, home entertainment, thermostats etc. With Google Home and Logitech Harmony Elite, you can control all the IR, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products through voice command.

Logitech Harmony 665

Logitech Harmony 665

Source – Logitech

 Wouldn’t you love to buy these smart home automation devices? Start building your smart home today!


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