If you are someone like me, you love the festive season. But not for all the festivities but just the long weekends 😉 . While there are dozens of things one can do at malls and Christmas parties, there are times when you just want to turn off and spend a lazy long weekend binge watching, playing video games or may be just reading a book. Here are top 5 things for you to do this weekend on your Smart devices at home. I am surely doing number 1. Which one will you pick?


1.Join Jeremy Clarkson (+ 2) with their adventures in the most amazing cars on crazy terrains and locales

grand tour on amazon prime

What? The popular show “The Grand Tour” is back with its second season and if you are a fan of cars, comedy, adventure and curse words – this is not worth missing!

How? You can watch this on Amazon Prime Video which can be played on your dumb TV (if you have the Amazon Prime Video Stick), your laptop, your smartphone or your smart tv. Yet to start cord-cutting, here’s our guide and our popular video streaming services infographic.

How Much?  FREE if you are already a subscriber of Amazon Prime Video. Rs. 999 per year if you need to buy the subscription.


2. Don’t WATCH the Murder on the Orient Express for 300 bux; READ the book for just 49 bucks

murder on the orient express

What? The star studded movie about a murder mystery has hit theatres. But going out is so 2016, why not just get a cup of coffee and read the eBook on your smart device? As it is popular said (by bookworms) – “the book is better than the movie”

How? While you can always read this on a Kindle if you have one (or buy it here for Rs. 4,999) , there is a FREE way to read this i.e. on a Kindle cloud reader – on your laptop browser, your smartphone or even your iPad.

How Much?  Rs. 49 and that’s it. Here’s where you can get it.


3. Had a stressful week? Relax your feet while you binge on some TV (or junk-food)!

relaxing foot massage

What? Foot massages are too underrated. While most of us know that massages are healthy, we also know that asking for one from your spouse or sibling means that you need to reciprocate with another. Why not buy a foot massager who does not need to be thanked when its done?

How? It’s as simple as plugging in and programming it to do knead your feet.

How Much?  Rs. 5,319 with free delivery on Amazon. Buy it here.


4. Just play FIFA. There’s no greater sport to play from the comfort of your living room!

ea sports fifa 18

What? FIFA 2018 is here. Most gamers think this is the best FIFA game made till date. Need I say more?

How? Available for PS4 and Xbox One. Ideally best played with a friend or two. It gets even more fun if you are bitter rivals 😉

How Much?  Be ready to pay a hefty price for this – but its totally worth it at Rs. 3,529 (PS4) and Rs. 3,999 (Xbox One) with free delivery on Amazon. Buy it here.


5. Construct a Star Wars Spaceship in your living room

lego star wars ship

Image Source

What? Are you a Star Wars fan? Well, who isn’t? Buy this awesome Lego Arrowhead for about Rs. 10 K. Hours of fun with the kids!

How? Right out of the box, this has about 775 pieces. This is supposed to be educational but for me it’s also about being able to do some fun photography once you have built it!

How Much? Rs. 10,803 on Amazon. Buy it here.

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