5 tips for bachelors to create a Smart home out of their bachelor pad

With the ever-increasing innovations and massive advancements in technology, now we can turn our bachelor pads into smart homes. There was a time when only helicopters and cars were only used to be a smart one. That time has gone and a new time has come with mind-boggling innovations. There are tools available, both in software and hardware, which will make your bachelor pad more secure, will keep you informed and tools which will work according to your orders. Now, you are reading a trend which will be more implicated in coming years. Are you going to incorporate such tools, for making your bachelor pad fancier and more worth living? Here are 5 tips for bachelors that will help you create a smart home out of your bachelor pad


Philips Hue

This device will help you control your home lights with your mobile. With the help of app installed on your smartphone, you will be able to switch off and switch on your lights. You can change the colors of the lights. And also, you can set timers for particular lights to stay on or off for a specific time. This cool device is also not that expensive.

philips hue setup


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo will provide you centralized control system. With the help of Alexa, you will be able to control your security cameras, the temperature of the room, the status of the alarm system and you can order online with it. No one would like to miss the services of Alexa. It works over an internet connection so you will stay updated about your home anywhere. Read here, for further information.

amazon echo smart speaker


August smart lock

August smart locks connect to your smartphone with the help of an app. With this cool tool, you can lock room with just one tap. There is no need for getting up in the midway of sleep for shutting the door. Similarly, you don’t want to be disturbed when watching an awesome movie inside your bed, simple, tap the button on the app and unlock the door.

august smart lock



June is an advanced oven which has HD camera, Wi-Fi connection, and 5 inches touchscreen. The camera takes regular pictures and makes a video. June recommends what is the optimum temperature for cooking a particular dish. It can also adjust itself. It simply means “No burnt food anymore”

june smart microwave


Drop cam pro

Drop cam pro will let you keep eye on your home. It can capture the wide area of 130® which gives this amazing device an edge over the arch-rival tools. Its HD Cam provides sun-like bright video when streaming. In this device, you can store 7 days data and built-in two-way microphone can let trespass no one.

smart security camera


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