Imagine this – you have hit the bed, have cosied up inside your blanket and all ready to sleep when you realise that you have left the lights in the kitchen on!

Oh! The horror!!!

We totally relate to this problem ‘coz we all have been there, done that!

But hey, it’s the 21st century and there’s absolutely no reason why technology should not be able to help you out of this problem; like it does with almost every other! By making smart use of the best of technology on offer, home automation has enabled individuals to correctly connect their smartphones to their now “smart” homes.

Yes, there is a multitude of products on offer that enables making living smart & thus, simple. An example of such product would be the Amour 3.0 – an automation panel by EBTL- a no-holds-barred panel that will jazz up your home. Below, we tell you how!


1) For the Lazy Ones

Now, going back to the problem up above. What happens when you are tucked in bed and you realise the lights in the kitchen are on?

You stay put, switch on the EBTL Amour 3.0 app in your smartphone and switch-off the lights in your kitchen.

Yup! Done. Easy-peasy!

And when you’re married and living in a palatial home, you don’t move from your recliner chair to do your spouse’s bidding. Just like this cute couple in the ad.

2) What You Like, Set The Way You Like It

If anything, this new generation (you & I included) is 100% sure of their likes and dislikes. And this strong sense of all that is preferred and wanted translates to the kind of mood and ambience one expects when one comes home after a long day’s work. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you can schedule the AC to switch on as per the time you get off from work, schedule the geyser to turn on so you’re greeted with instant hot water in the bath and play the correct playlist playing in the background?

Thankfully, with the EBTL Amour 3.0’s “Favourite” feature such dreams can be made to come true. Save your preference as a preset and then just hit one button to have your room set just the way you like it!

EBTL Amour

3) Netflix & Chill, With a Pause

Come on, let’s face it. Netflix and chill is pretty much an addiction. So much so that one doesn’t realise how many hours (or days!) have gone by and the TV hasn’t been switched off!

Whether the above is you OR you have kids who don’t seem to get enough of Peppa Pigs and the likes, the scheduling and remote login feature of the EBTL Amour 3.0 are going to be your new best friend.

Set a time as to when you’d want a device to be switched off or switched on, and voila! Watch till the electricity supply is cut-off to your device thereby switching it off for you, safely.  And the lock-in feature comes in handy too. Children who like to mess around with the panel won’t be able to play with the sockets and the switches as the lock-in feature lock up the switches!

4) Simplicity at its best:

What you see is what you get – that’s Amour’s motto. That’s why their interface is easy enough to be used by anyone. And no, you do not need a degree in engineering to operate these panels or the app. The interface of the panel and the app is exactly the same – so there’s no confusion there. Also, the USB’s ports can charge your Android/iOS devices faster than your regular old chargers. Who wouldn’t love some extra juice in their phones, right?


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