This smart iron can lighten your task and make it bearable. It will get you started in a minute by heating up quickly. The iTouch technology makes it unique from traditional irons. The most intelligent feature of this iron is it lifts itself off the board as soon as you let go off the handle and lowers itself down again when you place your hands on it, thus preventing your favorite piece of cloth from getting burned. With a standard anti-drip, water spray, steam jet and self-cleaning function – it is the best iron for daily chores.

oliso smart iron

oliso smart iron

People who want to turn a dull chore into something fun should buy this product. It is also ideal for those who need faster and clean ironing. The extra-thick soleplate glides over the fabric smoothly. The iron is recommended because of its best features that make ironing a lot easier.

The anti-drip system prevents leaking while the iron is hot. The scorch guard technology allows you to make a scorch-free iron. With electronic temperature control, it is perfect for everyday ironing.  

Geek Speak

Power        – 1800 watts

Tank capacity    – 12.7 oz.

Technology    – iTouch

How does it work?

Oliso Smart Iron is easy to use. All you need to do is touch the handle to lower the iron legs and activate the steam instantly. Iron the wrinkles away within minutes. It turns off automatically if untouched for 8 mins. Accidentally if it tips over, then it switches off after 30 seconds making it ideal for families with small kids and pets running around.

How do I get it?

If you are looking for a perfect smart iron that does all the work for you, you can follow this link to buy from Amazon.

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