Wasted energy is a huge problem, with America leading the world in inefficiency, costing business and homes $130 billion every year. Yet, by installing a smart thermostat, homes could save between 15% to 30% off their bills annually. The Nest Smart home thermostat can do this by managing the temperature and making your home more comfortable.

Nest thermostats can save on your heating bills

If your home has a traditional thermostat, it runs for a set period in the morning and evening. Also, if people adjust the settings, it can run too hot, heating up the home and leave people sweating. Or, it may not come on at all, and leave people too cold for comfort. In America, heating and cooling represents almost 50% of a home’s energy use.

Nest, a company acquired by Google in 2014, came up with the solution in the form of the Nest Learning Thermostat, to give it its full name. A smart product, over a million US homes now have one. It aims to keep your home at an ideal temperature when people are in, and will smartly control the temperature as they come and go.

If you’re always finding yourself too hot or cold, the Nest works by taking control of the HVAC central heating, with a typical temperature set at 17-20 degrees for comfort. The Nest Thermostat comes with a smart display and a dial to turn the heat up and down, as needed.

nest thermostat app

All Nest products can be controlled through a single app

Source: itunes.apple.com

Nest thermostats are easy to install and operate

Installing the Nest Thermostat can be done yourself, if confident in handling electrical wiring, or by a professional in under an hour. Once installed, you can set the temperature and let it run, there is no need to program it like a traditional thermostat.

If you need to turn the temperature up on a cold day, the Nest will remember to turn itself back down later on. And, if it controls your air conditioning too, then you can chill things down on a hot day, and Nest will smartly bring the temperature back up when needed.

When it thinks it can be more efficient, a green leaf shows on the display panel, if you turn the temperature down by a single degree, you likely won’t notice but it could help save you plenty of money over the course of a year. The Nest app produces reports on how much power and money you have saved over time.

The company claims it can pay for itself in a couple of years of use, which may vary depending on your home, and after that, it can save you money on your bills, as well as helping cut your environmental impact by reducing the amount of power you use, and the heating you waste. All in all, the Nest can be a very powerful force for good in your home and around the world. If you have a Google Home device, you can control the Nest directly with voice commands, such as “OK Google, Set the heat to 20 degrees.”

nest thermostat usa product model

The leaf icon on the Nest screen will help you adjust the settings to save money

Source: nest.com

Nest is packed full of sensors to learn how you heat your home

Nest comes in two parts, the Nest Thermostat that sits in, most likely your living room, and the Nest Heat Link which connects to most types of home boiler. They wirelessly talk to each other to control the temperature. The thermostat has a sensor that monitors activity in a room, and you can install multiple Nests in large properties that work together.

The Nest range is regularly updated automatically, and you can buy the current third-generation Nest, which offers more support and a few new features. But, you can also buy an older Nest for less, and it does pretty much all the same major functions.

Whatever  model you get, the aim of the device is to understand your home heating needs and automatically maintain a comfortable temperature. If you need to change the setting, say when there’s a sudden thunderstorm that drops the temperature, then it is easy enough via the dial or your smartphone app. Nest can also work with other smart devices or IFTTT settings, so it can send you an alert if the sensor detects someone in the room, an additional security bonus, It can also warn you if the temperature is dangerously low, so that pipes might burst, but the true aim is to leave it well alone to manage the temperature automatically.

Some energy companies are giving Nest thermostats to users

Nest Thermostats are a clever way to help you save money and energy. It is truly worth the “Smart home” name, managing your energy and heating settings just right to keep a home warm. Other smart thermostat products are available with similar features.

Nest also produces the Protect safety alarm, Nest Indoor and outdoor cameras, which can all link and communicate together. There are many other Smart home products that ”Work With Nest” that you can use to build a fully functioning Smart home.

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