The drop in feature is perhaps what makes Echo stand out in the market of smart speakers. With Drop In, you can simply drop in on your or your contact’s Echo and immediately start a two way conversation – no, this does not require the person to ‘answer’ your call; hence you can simply “DROP IN” on them. Amazon finally released an update in India which enables us to use the noteworthy feature! Make the best out of your Echo by enabling this long awaited feature –

Here’s how to set it up!

From the Alexa App –

  • Sign up for the full Alexa Calling and Messaging experience through the app. If you update your app, you should be able to see the conversations tab right in the middle at the bottom of your screen.
  • Enable Drop In for your or a contact’s Echo device.
  • Have a contact enable Drop In for you.

When you drop in on your device or a contact’s device, you connect automatically.

The simple and accessible Drop In feature in the Alexa application

Drop-In Feature by Alexa

From Echo

Simply say “Drop in”. If you have said it for the first time, Echo will ask and enable Drop In automatically and ask you which device to drop in on.

Giving a drop in command to Amazon Echo

Drop In at the command of your voice!

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