There are many smart devices that help you set up your home office. These smart home devices work by connecting to the Wi-fi network. Here are some amazing smart devices that will solve your home office worries.

Smart Devices for Office

Image Source : Magora Systems

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is your personal assistant that gives you latest updates, plays your favourite music, provides relevant information and many more at just a voice command. Alexa enabled Echo will also let you schedule meetings, check traffic and even order office supplies without leaving your office. The latest model which is the Amazon Echo Show includes a touchscreen that will let you watch videos, create to-do-lists, check the weather forecast and do a lot more.


Roomba is a smart vacuum cleaner that provides cleaning around the home, under the furniture, windows etc with minimal effort. It is equipped with spinning hands that gather dust and cleans your floor without you having to do anything. Its powerful suction gets rid of dust quickly and efficiently. This is an easy-to- install device that connects to the Wi-fi. You can either operate it whenever you want or create a cleaning schedule.   This is an ideal device for those who work from home and hardly get time to clean their house.

Belkin wemo smart plug

Want to control appliances in your home without leaving your desk? Belkin Wemo smart plug is here to help. With a very low price tag, this device won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can switch on or off any appliance that is connected to this smart plug. Belkin smart plug is easy to install and will make your life much simpler. Whether it is turning off the coffee pot or viewing netcam of your front door,  you can take care of everything thing without moving from your desk.

Dyson Air purifier

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk sniffing and coughing. With Dyson air purifier, you can remove dust, pollen and other irritants with just a single touch on your smartphone. It is a smart addition to your home office that monitors and purifies the air. You don’t have to worry about confining to one room, as this purifier circulates air across large spaces.

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