Smart lighting is the newest technology that has a significant impact on the ambience of the home. Having lights at home that respond to your voice is no more a gimmick, as smart home technology makes everything possible.

Some lights can be controlled remotely while others work in tandem to produce a variety of lighting effects. They have the ability to respond to the inputs from the smart home environment, which make them different from traditional lights.

Smart lighting helps to create focal points to highlight different objects or areas of the room. Every room needs a distinct ambience, which can be described as below –

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used for drawing attention to a particular detail in the room. It creates a visual interest in the room and can add value to your home decor. Accent lighting is a perfect choice for houses with a variety of paintings, sculptures, and artwork. Accent lights can also be used in dimly lit areas of your house such as narrow corridors, stairs leading to the basement etc.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Task lighting

Task lighting come under the category of movable but fixed light sources that are dedicated to a specific task. This type of lighting can help you perform tasks in dimly lit areas that do not receive proper light for that particular task. Task lighting is ideally recommended for study rooms, construction areas etc.  

Task Lighting

Task Lighting

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Ambience lighting

This is the general lighting that is also referred to as mood lighting. It provides the right amount of light for all the daily activities such as watching TV, playing cards, dining etc. This type of lighting is a great addition to task lighting and provides better illumination for any type of activity.

ambience lighting

Ambience lighting

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Smart lighting can add much more functionality to your home. This trend will play an important role in making the life more enjoyable, making it economically sustainable.

Want to know how smart lighting can help you enhance the overall look and feel of your home? Consult a smart home consultant today!



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