If you are living under a rock, you probably are one of those that feels that Smart homes are still a part of our future. Read on to find out how your home can do amazing things now with Smart home devices already available in 2018. You may not feel like the Jetsons but the reality sure keeps getting closer to it.

1. Tell you if you left the stove on: You heard that right! If you forgot to keep those burners on (or you are just paranoid about it), today’s Smart kitchen knobs can caution you right on your smartphone.

forgot the stove on. no worries, smart stoves can notify you

(Image Source) Smart Stove Knob

2. Protect your parents when you are away: Smart homes today coupled with intelligent health monitors and wearable trackers are ideal for you to be able to monitor your parents’ health while you are away. What’s more? They can also reach out to doctors by setting off alerts if their sugar levels go down.

elderly smart home device notification on smart phone

(Image Source) Smart Homes can help you monitor the health, activity, sleep cycles, etc. for your elderly family members

3. Notify you when someone’s lurking at your front door: Today’s smart doorbells, video door phones and IP cameras can alert you when someone is lurking at your front door. This is quite useful if you live in a remote area in a bungalow.

ring video door bell

(Image Source) Today’s Smart homes will ensure no one is fidgeting with your door lock or trying to break in.

4. Caution you when air pollution levels get hazardous: With smart air purifiers, you can ensure you shut down the windows well in time to ensure your indoor atmosphere does not get polluted due to the pollution across the city.

smart air purifiers can measure the pollution in the air and notify you on your smart phone

(Image Source): Smart Air Purifiers that tell you the pollution level in the air

5. Make you laugh at silly jokes: If you thought you have a sense of humour, wait till you hear some of the silliest jokes from the guys at Google and Amazon. Just say, “Alexa, tell me a joke”.

Amazon Echo jokes

(Image Source) Alexa has some pretty amusing jokes for the Indian audience too!

6. Set the right temperature before you arrive at home: With simple features like turning on your AC using your phone on the way back from work to advanced climate control that automatically adjusts to the environment and your preferences, smart air conditioning has come a long way and is a reality for mass consumers too.

Smart ACs in India Home Automation

(Image Source) Smart ACs cool your home before you arrive

7. Keep the music playing as you move from one room to another: Smart speakers, multi-room audio systems or simple devices like the Chromecast can now play the audio as and where you like across your home from multiple sources.

smart speakers for music lovers

(Image Source) Smart Speakers can play your music wherever you want in your home

8. Wake you up when the sun rises: If you are someone like me, you are going to hate this. But if you are a morning person and love the idea of waking up as the sun rises, Smart homes today can open up your curtains by sensing the heat and thereby detecting the sun’s rays. Yoga anyone?

Smart blinds for Smart homes in India

(Image Source) Smart blinds and curtains open up when the sun rises

9. Clean up the floor while you carry on lazying: One of the best things about Smart homes is how it reduces your effort of doing day to day redundant chores. While some might think that robots may be taking over the world; here’s one menial bot that cleans the floor so you don’t have to.

irobot roomba vacuum cleaner india

(Image Source) Press the button, let it glide and clean your home

10. Let you experience seamless internet in concrete homes: Concrete Indian homes are a tough one for Wifi routers but not for these. Mesh networks created by a set of 2 or more routers can do the trick to get rid of those patchy wifi spots in your home. (And they make awesome night lights too!)

Google Wifi System in India

(Image Source) Google Wifi System works wonders for concrete homes by using mesh networks

11. Call the cops when someone breaks into your home: Managed security systems hook up to a call centre that will call the cops in case of a break-in. Some VOIP based security systems can also sound off an alarm to ensure the neighbours here you while simultaneously placing a call to you.

security system alarm india

(Image Source): A call automatically made to the cops thanks to a managed security service

12. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them: Forgetting to turn off the light is the most common habit that we have as humans. Why not fix it once and for all with occupancy sensors and/or motion sensors.

smart lighting sensor

(Image Source) Occupancy sensor activated lights ensure they are off when no one is in the room

13. Turn your living room into a dancefloor with synchronized lighting: Smart lighting today can sync up to your music and turn your home into a dancefloor. Don’t believe it? Why not just watch the video below?

14. Swipe up to feel cooler or to brighten up the mood: Smart ACs, fan regulators can all be controlled with your smartphone. What’s more? You can even dim or brighten up your lights just at the swipe of your finger.

smart fan smart phone

(Image Source) Smart fans can be regulated using your phone. Even if you have a normal regulator, one can use the smartphone to control its speed!

15. Monitor your energy usage in the palm of your hand: Do you need to switch off the AC more often? Is that new washing machine hogging more energy than usual? Know your stats with energy monitoring devices and apps

smart energy monitoring

(Image Source) Smart monitoring apps and devices can be used to save on energy bills

16. Play your fave music with a simple voice command: If you love streaming music, here’s the kicker. Amazon Echo has tied up with Saavn to play anything from their library by simply asking Alexa to play it. “Alexa, play top songs by Arijit Singh”

Play your fave music by simply asking Alexa to play it

(Image Source): Arijit Singh is on Saavn and on Amazon Echo

17. Rid you off of all your clunky plastic remote controls: So there is this very simple little thing called the IR blaster. These, when integrated with the rest of your Smart home gateway/hub, can enable your Smartphone to control everything in your home right from the AC, TV and even your DTH.

Smart phone remote control

(Image Source) Your smartphone controls everything that your remote control used to

18. Fake your presence at home while you are away: 

smart lights that can automatically turn on scenes

(Image Source) Remember when Kevin faked a Christmas party at home? Well, you can do something close to that.




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