The rate at which technology is progressing in India, smart lighting is sure to play a very critical role in any interior setup. Be it a building, villa or an edifice, lighting is key to bringing a dull environment to life. Before we delve deeper into the Philips Hue lights review, let us know how smart lighting works.

That being said, a good automated lighting system can definitely add an oomph factor to your home interiors. When embedded perfectly within the walls, it will make your home appear cozy, elegant and appealing. The market is inundated with an assortment of lighting options, but the ones which are most recently sought-after are Philips smart lights.

Why is Philips Hue considered the most desirable smart lighting system?

Philips smart lighting systems are known to be agile and considered as good replacements of traditional lights as they are manageable and appealing than ordinary bulbs. Moreover, their ability to switch on and off automatically makes them energy efficient and a durable option in the long run.

These smart bulbs are sophisticated innovations in the lighting industry and possess a great potential to save energy. They may be, perhaps, the future of the up-and-coming lighting industry. With an increasing need to protect our environment and natural resources, it has become our responsibility to start contributing to this global cause.

philips hue white and colour smart lights with hub

Philips Hue Ambiance Lighting Starter Kit

A lot more than just Switch On and Off

If you are in the misconception of Hue being just a phone controllable light, there’s way more to it. With Hue’s application, you can

  • Schedule when the lights turn off and on

Given the busy schedule of your life, sometimes you are in a rush to leave home for work and in the process, you forget to switch off the lights. Now imagine if you were gone out for days or you plan a sudden trip from work and there is nobody to switch all this off.

You are likely to get an exorbitant electricity bill by the end of the month, isn’t it? Likewise, using Philips Hue as a smart lighting system can help you schedule when to switch off and on lights remotely.

  •   Create a scene of your liking

Thanks to ZigBee Light Link technology, Philips Hue can help bring out a positive mood in people. Using Philips Hue as a smart lighting solution you have the ability to control and create an ambiance of your choice.

The controls are integrated with the Philips Hue App in your smartphone, therefore, using it shouldn’t be a constraint. Besides, you stand a fair chance to impress your colleagues, guests and even loved ones when they pay you a visit.

Philips Hue supports a range of colours that the light will form as per your selected scene. Be it Sunset, Twilight, Beachside, Hue has all of it covered!

  • Synchronise it with your location

An add-on to the scheduling feature of the light, you can simply toggle this setting to enable the lights to automatically turn off and on as and when you leave and enter your home. This feature of Philips Hue is a great energy saver.

Using a fixed switch on the wall will allow you to turn off the lights only when you notice the room is no longer in use. In the case of Philips smart lights, sensors can actually detect when a room is vacant and switches off the lights accordingly.

  • Fades

Another classic add on to the feature of scheduling, you can also decide and modulate the speed at which the light intensifies, so your 7’o clock light schedule won’t be so painful to the eyes.

Furthermore, this feature helps to decrease energy consumption, save money, reduce emissions and make this planet a better place to live.

  • Did someone say Voice Control?

If the Hue application isn’t satisfactory, pair it up with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri to spare yourself the hassle of using the application. With an effective voice control feature, you can control the lights from any corner of the house.

Besides, the voice control feature in Philips Hue is a blessing in disguise to those with disabilities. A visually impaired person would find it difficult to see and scroll through the Hue App, while an individual with motor impairments would certainly struggle to toggle through the app.

Philips Hue is developed to make your home appealing, comfortable, romantic and luxurious to live. These classic smart lights not only deck your home but help reduce energy wastage through its inbuilt automated technology. From the Philips Hue light reviews, we can say it is definitely a smart investment that everyone must look into.


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