You’re on your feet way too early in the morning, getting the kids ready for school. You’ve barely caught your breath after that, bathed your toddler and made a feeble attempt at catching up on your chores, and it’s already time to pick the kids up from school and ferry them to soccer practice, ballet class, theater practice… The list is endless, and you just want some breathing space. Yet, every free moment is spent worrying about all that you need to do, or wondering if you left the tap dripping or if you need to pick up milk from the store. With all that you need to organize and keep track of in your life, Samsung Smart Home helps you by taking a few things off your mind.

Here’s a quick overview of the Samsung SmartHome

Samsung SmartThings has an easy-to-install controller (the Hub 2.0), and a range of smart home devices and sensors, or Things. With this in place, you can breathe easy about a fair number of things that are draining your time, thought and energy, without being too expensive or complicated. And here are some really practical ways it can help you live a more peaceful life:

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up a Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit for security.

  1. Did I leave the stove on?
    If you often worry if the upstairs window was left open, or if the basement light is on, there is a gamut of sensors that Samsung SmartThings is compatible with, which will set your mind at ease as soon as the thought crops up. And you can use the intuitive Samsung Connect App to switch off any smart lights accidentally left on.

    Smart Appliances with controller

    The app helps you control your smart devices remotely


  2. Automate your pre-leaving checks and adjustments
    The app automatically sets in motion an array of pre-chosen tasks when you change modes. What this means is that you can make your Hub arm the burglar alarm, turn down the heat, and lock the front door when you leave home, all from your phone.
  3. Grocery shopping is easier with a smart fridge
    The Samsung Smart Refrigerator looks so sci-fi, with its touchscreen display on the front, which is a handy way to display artwork, leave notes, make lists, listen to music, search for recipes and so much more. But the real kicker is what’s inside. You can turn on the camera to see what’s in there, and what needs to be restocked. That’s right, no more wondering if you’re running out of OJ; just check the app while you’re shopping miles away! Plus, the app will notify you when your perishables are due to expire, so you know what needs to be restocked.

    Smart refrigerator display

    When you’re going grocery shopping, take your fridge with you in your pocket.


  4. Abracadabra!
    So you just made it home after your shopping expedition. No more juggling grocery bags, trying to hold your cranky and fidgety toddler’s hand while fumbling with the keys. An arrival sensor can detect your proximity and open the smart lock on the front door for you. Pretty cool, eh?
  5. Enforce controls on screen-time remotely (TV, Internet)
    The Smart Hub can control how long the kids are watching TV and will automatically switch off at bedtime. Can’t get your teenager to come down for supper? The Hub can be programmed to switch off the WiFi at suppertime to coax them out of their lair.

    SmartTV controlled with Smartphone

    You can control everything your Samsung Smart TV does via your phone


Coming Soon: Bixby

bixby speakers india

bixby speakers india


The soon-to-be-launched Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker will help you do even more. Bixby will accept voice commands, taking Samsung’s Smart Home game to the next level. Samsung Smart Home is already pretty comprehensive, but with the addition of a smart speaker, you’ll have an even easier time controlling your smart devices. This is an easy way to automate your home which is compatible with a fairly large number of third-party smart devices, and it helps take some of the stress off you.

Samsung is constantly innovating SmartThings and adding compatible devices to the palette. Further, the current version of the Hub comes with battery backup in case of power outages, the option of transmitting video, and USB ports. All you really need to get started is a handy kit, or pick up the Hub and Things you really need.

Although these systems are fairly easy to install on your own, our experts are happy to help you set it up. Further, we would love to discuss what your needs are, and how this product, or other solutions, could make your life easier. Write to us to know more.

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