Since Airbnb launched in 2008, over 140 million guests have arrived at its listings in over 190 countries. Nearly 80 million checked into an Airbnb in 2016, which had doubled itself from 40 million in 2015. And well, you can see why. 75% of the respondents between the ages 25 and 34 who were polled had stayed at a home-sharing service such as Airbnb in the past year and loved them for the unique experience each offers.  

If you have a second home or vacation home lying vacant through most of the year, draining your resources, you could earn money by putting them up on these peer-to-peer short stay rental websites. Of course, that brings in the additional process of copying keys, ensuring your guest has a smooth time checking in and out and that the property is well-maintained throughout. Years ago, that would mean having to meet in person to hand over the keys, or have a representative do so. But now, home automation such as the August Smart Lock offers you a safe option to help you do that without copying keys or needing to be around.

August smart lock controlled by smartphone app

The sleek August Smart Lock can easily be controlled by your smart phone

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The August Lock lets in your guests and only your guests, and only for the time period that they are your guests. This gets easily installed on the inside of your existing deadbolt, and makes your life simpler from that moment on. You can issue virtual keys to guests to be sent on their smartphones. August lets you specify till when that virtual key is valid and will function. For that duration, as long as they have their phone on them, they needn’t carry a key. What that means is that you don’t have to worry about copying keys, keeping the copies at a location they can pick it up from at the start of their stay and drop off at after they’re checking out, or even losing them.

And it’s good for them too. It’s one less thing to carry and worry about, whether they’re sightseeing, hiking or hitting the beach.

Watch how the August Smart Lock functions and makes life simpler for you and your guests


Easy for the domestic help too

You can issue a virtual key for your regular domestic help to come in at specified times everyday. From the smartphone app, you can also monitor their entry and exit times, so it’s easier to work out how much you need to pay them at the end of the week. Apart from that, if anything needs to be repaired around the house, issue a virtual key to the handyman or electrician that’s valid for a few minutes and your repairman will have a significantly easier task.

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What else?

A recent study sponsored by August found that 60% of the respondents would pay more to stay in a smart home and 82% of the visitors to a listing would complete the reservations when smart technology is listed. While the August Smart Lock is a great starting point, here are some other smart devices that your Airbnb could have, which will certainly make your guests’ stay more comfortable.

  • They would appreciate the added security that comes with a smart video doorbell.
  • A good wireless security system would be your best bet to protect yourself against theft by guests, so long as you clearly specify on your Airbnb listing that there are cameras present and working on the premises.
  • A smart thermostat like Nest would help them control the temperature more easily. Besides, it’s great for you, because it can sense when nobody is home and adjust its temperature accordingly, which saves you money on utility bills.
  • Those can further be lowered with smart lighting such as Philips Hue, which can be programmed to switch off when the Nest Thermostat indicates that the house is empty.
  • Entertain them with a Smart TV with a media streaming stick. Some inexpensive ones like the Roku offer a very wide range of channels. It would be thoughtful to provide a long enough HDMI cable, to make it easy to hook up their laptop and use the TV as a screen.

Watch how smart tech makes hosting smoother and gets you rave reviews

For those aiming to rent out their homes on short-term rentals on Airbnb, smart technology certainly offers advantages that far outweigh the costs. Buying and installing an August Smart Lock offers you a convenient way to let out a home without a caretaker and ensure it’s running smoothly, while also keeping it safe and earning money in the process.

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