Smart locks are great for techno-savvy homeowners. They are the automated versions of traditional locks, where the lock mechanism is engaged remotely or electronically. Most of the smart locks work with existing deadbolts and are vulnerable to simple bypass methods that anyone could easily exploit. These are Wifi/Bluetooth enabled and most importantly they are reliable.

Smart security door locks

Smart security door locks

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When it comes to safety and security, smart locks beat traditional locks. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of smart locks over traditional locks.

Great convenience

Smart locks allow you to forget completely about the house keys, which are often lost in handbags and office drawers. The lock-and-open system can be activated through biometric readers and smartphones, eliminating this confusion. Smart locks are convenient for those who have the habit of forgetting keys. Use a single app to control your locks remotely. You don’t have to worry about whether the doors are locked or not. Everything is under your control when you have your smartphone in hand.

Increased security

Homeowners can manage and keep track of those entering their homes, as smart locks offer unique access codes. . One can even pair them with smart doorbells and cameras for additional security. When you use smart locks, you can verify everything visually and control the locks to let your visitors in and out of the house.


They offer great connectivity by allowing homeowners to program their security alarms, smartphone and video surveillance camera. Additionally, smart locks increase connectivity among multiple devices in the home. A fully integrated home automation system will alert you if there is any suspicious event. If you want a device to safeguard and manage your home in a better way, smart home locks are the best option.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

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Though smart locks are a bit expensive but beneficial for those who want to add extra level security to the locks in their house. Some of the best smart locks to buy are – August Smart Lock, Friday Lock, Lockitron Bolt and Schlage Sense. What else do you need to enhance your home security?


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