Horror/Thriller movies are fun to watch. They boost your adrenaline to such an extent that sometimes you feel you’re a part of all the action. Everything is fun and games until you head to bed and paranoia sets it. What if you wake up in the middle of the night and find a serial killer has broken into your house?! Oh my God!! What can you do, then?  

Apparently, a lot!

21st Century life is filled with all technological comforts imaginable. The ‘Smart‘ generation has enabled us to live in Smarthome which are locked and loaded with security features to ensure that we stay safe and sound. Armed with these “security guard” like gadgets from TigerTech, let’s get going and put that serial killer in his place **cocks virtual shotgun**


1) Is the killer at the door or is it someone else?

Uh-Oh, the serial killer is at the door! Or is he? To clear that doubt out, you have TigerTech’s TigerGuard Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. As soon as someone presses the doorbell, a video of the person at the door is presented to you on your smartphone. So, you won’t have to open the door, Ahaa! And if your killer/intruder is trying to be sneaky and simply snoops around the door, the motion sensor kicks in, alerting you of his/her presence.

serial killer - smarthome


2) What if he somehow manages to get in?

Ahh shucks, this serial killer really wants to get his hands dirty. No worry, we are just as ready! The TigerEye is at your service. It can provide you with HD clarity footage of your intruder’s whereabouts. And if he is smart and switches off the electricity, you can use the TigerEyePro which has a battery backup and is 4G enabled, making it a standalone device. Additionally, these devices are equipped with infrared cameras which enable you to watch the intruder lurking in the dark! Well, if the intruder is smart, you should feel happy to know that we are just a lot smarter!

TigerEye Pro -serial killer - smarthome

3) Oh no, what about my kids?

Your kids are playing outside and need to be alerted not to come home! The TigerTrack device can come in handy here! The two-way calling feature of this little nifty device can help you alert your kids of the situations and vice versa. You can check your children’s current location through the app, thereby making sure they are safe.

serial killer - smarthome

Technology – 1; Horror Movies induced Paranoia – 0

There you have it! No matter how scary those movies are, you’d always be safe with TigerTech. For a safety demonstration, book a consultation right away.